When Job Interview Anxiety Erases Your Opportunities

April 17, 2022 Shubhechha Dhar

Job interview anxiety is a real thing, more for some of us than for others. Receiving the email, "Congratulations! We have moved your application to the next round and would like to schedule an interview with you," fills me with anxiety instead of happiness. 

If you're anything like me, receiving an interview invite for a job you applied to is anxiety-inducing and not the happy moment you thought it would be. As someone with an anxiety disorder, interviews are my worst nightmare. However, an interview is an essential step in every recruitment process and cannot be avoided. 

How I Tackle Job Interview Anxiety 

During my sophomore year at university, I was interviewing for summer internships. I had moved on to an interview round and spent the entire night practicing. Despite that, my nerves got the best of me during the interview, and I wasn't able to communicate with the interviewers as effectively as I could have.

While I knew I had bombed the interview, getting the rejection email was a hard pill to swallow. I grieved the loss of this opportunity and decided to turn this experience into a learning lesson. With the help of my therapist, I learned coping techniques that helped me cope with anxiety during interviews. 

The following year, I ended up landing a role at a Fortune 500 company. Watch the video below to learn the coping techniques I used. 


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Author: Shubhechha Dhar

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