Giving a Gift to Someone With Mental Illness Means a Lot

June 21, 2019 Martha Lueck

There are many ways to show that you love someone who is struggling with a mental health condition, and giving a gift is one very important method. Read this article to learn about the importance of gift-giving and how to find one for someone who is struggling. 

Why Gift-Giving Is Important

When was the last time you received a gift? What did it mean to you? For people with anxiety and depression, a gift can mean the world. It does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. It just has to come from the heart. If your loved one is feeling hopeless, a card expressing hope can be nice. A simple gift can distract someone from negative thoughts. In some cases, it can even aid in preventing suicide.

How to Choose a Sentimental Gift for Giving

For some people (myself, included), choosing a sentimental gift can be quite difficult. You might wonder if your loved one will like it. But remember, it is the thought that counts. This does not mean that you should choose the first thing you see. Some thought about the other person’s interests is important. If you are giving a sentimental gift, consider the occasion. If you are shopping for a funeral gift, find something that symbolizes condolence. A card with a heartfelt quote would be a nice sentiment. For someone’s birthday, choose something that symbolizes friendship or love. For my birthday this year, my boyfriend gave me a necklace. This is something that I will always treasure.

You Don't Have to Buy a Gift to Give

If shopping really stresses you out, you can also make a gift to give to someone. If you and your loved one share a creative hobby, making a gift can be fun for you and very meaningful for your loved one.

After my father died, a friend made a pillow out of the flannel my father always wore. That pillow holds all of my memories of him. My mom loves to sew, and she knows that I appreciate her work. So she sometimes makes pillowcases and baskets for me. The fact that both my friend and my mother took the time to make these gifts shows love and care.

I challenge you to think about a difficult time in your life when you received a gift. How did it affect you mentally and/or emotionally? Is there any gift you think you could give a loved one right now? If you feel comfortable, share your thoughts about gift giving in the comments.

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