Proper Communication Methods Are Vital for Relationships

January 27, 2018 Martha Lueck

Proper communication methods change depending on what message you want to relay. Learn how verbal and written communication can be used to better relationships.

Using proper communication methods in relationships at work and home are important, but, for people with anxiety, communication can be very difficult. Many people either do not communicate enough or primarily choose to use one method--either verbal or written communication. However, both written words and verbal speech are very important to maintain relationships. If you struggle with proper communication methods, read on to learn about when to talk and when to write and how each can affect relationships.

When Is Talking to Someone the Proper Communication Method?

Verbal Communication Shows Sincerity

Although talking with someone may not be as quick as texting, it can show more sincerity. When the person receiving your message hears your voice, he or she notices every pause, every stutter, and the clarity of your words. These elements show much more than an emoji or an exclamation mark ever will.

Verbal Communication Shows Love

Many people find texting to be more convenient, but some people simply prefer a phone call or a Skype conversation. For example, in a long-distance relationship, your significant other probably wants to physically see you and hear your voice. So he or she might prefer to chat via Skype or Facetime. Also, if you want to talk to an older long-distance relative, he or she might not know how to text, so a phone call would be more appropriate. Being able to communicate with your loved ones in a way that is feasible for them shows how much you appreciate them.

Verbal Communication Shows Flexibility

Similar to showing love, verbal communication also shows flexibility. People not only appreciate but also admire the ability to communicate via different mediums. If you have a job and there is a conflict with a coworker or a boss, it can be tempting to just leave a note. But if your boss prefers direct communication in certain instances, your ability to comply with that shows that flexibility is one of your strengths.

When Is Written Communication a Proper Communication Method?

Written Communication Shows Appreciation

Sending a text message, email, or letter shows the other person that you were thinking about him. It is so easy to tell someone that you miss him, but sending a message when a phone call is inconvenient is a very nice sentiment. It makes the person feel special. Sending a long message to a faraway friend shows him that you truly value his friendship and would like it to continue.

Written Communication Shows Investment in a Relationship

While most people prefer to discuss a relationship on the phone or in-person, some people feel more comfortable having time to think about it. Whether it be just to ask if you can talk about the relationship or to make up for a fight, a simple text shows that you care and would like to resolve things.

Written Communication Shows the Importance of Your Message

After you talk to someone, the other person might forget what you said. During a business conference, even if your boss takes notes, he might miss something. If you write down an idea that you would like him to remember, your message would be received and can be discussed later.

To learn some tips on proper communication methods, watch the video below.

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Mike Oberholzer
February, 9 2018 at 7:34 pm

First I like prefer honesty, so about myself any reply will have a bias ? I am a Christian Anglican community, Lay Minister, South Africa,
First in connection with texting, social media, it has become a social norm, and yes it is very useful as one can now rapidly expand one's horizons, the only real problem I have with it is that one can think what you going to say, and text showing your best side, so it it quite possible to mislead others or manipulate the situation to one advantage.
Verbal communication is very different, one can still lie yes, but there are lots of other invisible Que' that may give you away, I.e. "body language "
Bottom line I have no problems communicating in either mode, but writing something is sometimes easier to get accross complex issues
My preference though is verbal intereaction for feelings

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