You Are Your Own Pill to Stop Self-Harming

April 28, 2014 Jennifer Aline Graham

I’ve always been cursed with really painful headaches and occasional dizziness. Typically, I try to push through the pain. However, recently I experienced the worst dizzy spell of my life, which sent me to the doctors. My whole body felt disoriented and my eyes were constantly in and out of focus. I felt nauseous and everything around me would not stop spinning, even when I closed my eyes.

This dreadful feeling reminded me of how our minds feel when we are trying to tell ourselves not to self-harm – our thoughts keep on spinning and twisting and all it leads to is pain.

There is No Pill to Stop You from Self-Harming

We all get sick. Maybe you’ve recently been hit by the flu or your allergies are attacking your sinuses. Even when we feel healthy, there could always be something brewing in our immune system or in our brain.

There is no pill to stop you from self-injuring. You have to be your own pill to stop self-harm. Here's how.

The same goes for our urges to self-harm. We may go days, weeks or months without the interest in cutting or burning, but that urge could be quietly lurking somewhere, prepared to attack and test our strength.

There may be pills to help lessen anxiety or mood swings or depression, but there is no miracle drug that stops our urges to self-harm. You are your own drug. You have the ability to hurt yourself and to save yourself. You are the person who determines how to go about living in the aftermath of your decisions.

There is no pill that can stop you from self-harming – you are the person who makes that choice, not a doctor.

Prepare Yourself for Self-Harm Urges

The doctor diagnosed my condition as vertigo, sent me to get some scans and, of course, gave me some medication. After the dizziness went away, I was relieved and the feeling has yet to return. However, the possibility is always there for the spinning, nausea and headaches to come back and attack.

It’s important to remember that even after you haven’t self-harmed for years, you will still have urges. You need to prepare yourself for the return of those urges by having coping skills on hand. It can be a certain playlist you listen to or a notebook you keep with you. Maybe call a friend when you’re feeling anxious and surprised by the feeling of wanting to hurt yourself after a long time without those feelings.

Luckily, I was given pills to help bring my feet back to stable ground after dizzy spells. Remember though, you don’t need medicine or pills to stop you from self-harming. You need to bring yourself back to the healthy present to remind yourself how far you’ve come without the pain of self-harm and you don’t need that pain again.

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Author: Jennifer Aline Graham

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