Unique Mental Health Coping Skills for Bad Days

August 24, 2016 Hannah Blum

Coping skills are important, and exploring unique coping mental health skills for bad days is key to recovering from a low period (You Can Practice Self-Care on a Budget). Being that no exceptional set of guidelines exist to rely upon when it comes to coping skills, it is important to explore unique ways to creatively cope with bad days.

As someone living with bipolar 2, standard coping skills help me tremendously on some days and marginally on others. As time has passed, it as been important to broaden my horizons in this area which led to a personal strategy of mine. I head to the local construction site. A construction site is an active place, a stimulating place. It is interesting to watch people use their strengths to build something from nothing. The concept behind construction is similar to my outlook on bad days: building something from nothing. This is one unique mental health coping skill I use on bad days.

Unique Mental Health Coping Skill: Random Acts of Kindness for Bad Days

Finding unique mental health coping skills for bad days can be fun! Get creative and find your unique mental health coping skills. Here are some ideas.

Performing random acts of kindness for others may surprise those suffering from mental illness. Joy and satisfaction is heartfelt when engaged in selfless acts, and improvement in the status of mental health is notable.

According to Mental Health America, research studies reveal that participants who performed five acts of kindness a day increased their happiness.

Recently, my mood and outlook hit a low. I put on my gym clothes, but could not get out of the door. I could not focus enough to read. I had to be active and productive, so I decided to look up recipes and cook. I shopped for ingredients, listened to music and made dinner to bring to my mother and grandmother. These actions completely turned my day around and was an effective method in improving my mental health during a low point. I have, on occasion, invited a local veteran to dinner or sent a thoughtful text message to a friend. Simple acts of kindness give back and give forward and open you up to rewarding and creative ways to improve your mental health.

Unique Mental Health Coping Skill: Laughter Lightens Mood and Reduces Stress

It is obvious laughter lightens mood and reduces stress, and it is a unique mental health coping skill that calls for ways to find that inner belly laugh on bad days. This is when social media, and media in general, is helpful. Cat videos, memes, television shows and images that are sure to give you a laugh are easily accessible in 2016.

Lay on the floor and force yourself to laugh. Take a video of yourself doing this and reach your peak of silliness. It does not matter how silly the mental health coping skill may be, as long as it gets you to one destination: the intersection of health and happiness.

When you are dealing with a bad day or low period relating to your mental health, it is difficult to find ways to relieve yourself of this type of pain. As time goes on, it is helpful to explore new mental health coping skills that may have never crossed your mind. As silly as some things may seem, if it gets you to a place of happiness and health, it is worth it. Coping with mental illness does not have to be a chore, it can be a great tool for overcoming challenges and expressing yourself during a very emotional period.

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