How to Help a Loved One Going Through Depression

October 8, 2015 Kristen Virag

Knowing how to help a loved one through depression can be confusing. It’s common to hear people use the word "depression" and casually throw it around in everyday conversation. However, the serious illness that is depression, unfortunately, can strike at any time, and affect a loved one at a moment’s notice. It can be very hard for family and friends to see someone they love suffer. How do you help a loved one going through depression when you don’t understand it, and what approach should you take?

Know What Depression Is So That You Can Help a Loved One Going Through Depression

Do you know the best way to help a loved one going through depression? Tough love doesn't help. Find out what does help a loved one with depression. Read this.

If you see somebody you love going through a difficult time and you suspect depression, research the illness. If they are showing common depression signs and symptoms, it might be time to get them help.

There’s much more then meets the eye with this illness, and it affects everybody differently. Some people have a more mild case, some more severe. It’s common for those who haven’t experienced mental illness to feel helpless and unsure of what they can do to fix the situation. That’s when becoming informed is the best first step.

Use a Kind Approach To Help Your Loved One with Depression

It’s also common for people to experience frustration when their loved one has changed and they’re not engaging in the same things they once were. It’s important to remember that whilst it’s hard for you, it’s extremely difficult for them, and they need a supportive, kind approach to keep them going.

As I further explain in the video, a compassionate, understanding approach is best, and it’s much more likely to make the person feel better than a tough love approach. Sometimes what you say and how you engage with the person can have an enormous effect on the person and how they recover.

Video To Help You Help A Loved One Going Through Depression

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