Stopping Your Bipolar Medications

People with bipolar disorder speak out on why they stopped taking their antipsychotic medications and mood stabilizers.

People with bipolar disorder speak out on why they stopped taking their antipsychotic medications and mood stabilizers.

Here are some thoughts and opinions regarding reasons why a person might want to stop taking prescribed bipolar medications against a doctor's advice.

Please be aware that this material contains the personal experiences and opinions of consumers and in no way should be construed as professional advice.

From 2minds I just can't seem to accept this whole thing, and stopping and starting the meds is my way of proving to myself that the diagnosis is real. I've stopped and started Eskalith so many times that it doesn't completely work anymore, and I've had to add Depakote.

From Dee I just didn't want to accept the diagnosis and the fact that I couldn't have a child while on the meds. It devastated me.

From Cenny I think it is very, very important to take medication for Bipolar Disorder, especially if you are taking an antidepressant like or Prozac. Apparently every time a BP has an episode, we do damage to our brain. And, we also make it so that we might not respond to medication that has worked for us before.

From Ihsjohnson Well to be quite honest, quitting medications is an age-old all-around mistake that all bipolars make as many times as it takes to realize it was a stupid decision. But personally, I am at a point, too, where I am angry about this whole illness and tired of listening to everyone telling me to take my meds. I think I would like to see if I really am bipolar or not because it often seems like maybe people just think I am. Does this sound familiar or not? It's how I feel and I hope I don't end up in the hospital acting on it.

From Katem21 I have stopped meds many times and recently have because I feel I am gaining weight either because I am still depressed on them or the pills are doing it.

From Tina In 15 years, I've probably quit my meds at least 6 or 7 times. The last time was just about 6 weeks ago. I had gone on herbal products and was feeling great. I just have this feeling that I'm "less than" because I have to rely on all these meds and what if long-term use causes problems down the road (i.e., Alzheimer's). I've also had a few friends indicate that I was using meds as a crutch. Well, every time I go off them I suffer severe consequences. This last time my doctor laid into me and said if I don't want to be on meds then she would no longer be my doctor. I immediately went right back on them and plan to stay with them this time.

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