Fighting Alcohol Addiction (Video)

A video on alcoholic addiction and how people with addictions are always vulnerable to relapse.

It's interesting how insidious drinking alcohol can be. Kendra Sebelius is a 31 year-old accountant who first noticed symptoms of binge drinking in her college years. During this time in her life, Kendra tells us that binge drinking did not seem to be out of the ordinary behavior. Even though she experienced black outs during this time, she didn't realize that she had a drinking problem until years later. It was then, when she became physically addicted and used alcohol to cope with a myriad of mental health problems, that she realized she had a big problem. Eventually, Kendra was forced into an alcohol detox center where her recovery began. (Are you drinking too much? Check out signs of alcoholism.)

Watch the video on binge drinking, alcohol addiction and recovery from alcoholism

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About our guest, Kendra Sebelius

Kendra Sebelius on HealthyPlace TV Show on AddictionsKendra Sebelius is the founder of Voice in Recovery. ViR's mission and focus is on PAIR™ (Prevention, Awareness, Intervention, and Recovery). Advocating awareness about eating disorders, body image struggles, mental health issues, substance abuse and self harm.

Kendra is in recovery for various disorders and is an eating disorder and body image advocate. She also advocates for awareness of co-morbidities in eating disorders, substance abuse and self harm.

Visit Kendra's award-winning Debunking Addiction Blog, right here at HealthyPlace.

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