Drug Addicts: Drug Addict Symptoms and Life of Drug Addict

Drug addicts have lives that are out-of-control due to severe drug addict symptoms. Learn about the life of a drug addict and what drug addicts go through.

Drug addicts abuse and are physically and mentally dependent on drugs or alcohol. Drug addicts continue to use drugs in spite of the negative consequences experienced by the drug addict and those around them. Overdose is frequent, as addicts continually use greater amounts of the drug, reaching dangerous levels. They cannot physically or psychologically function without their drug and when they are not using drugs, they face sometimes dramatic withdrawal symptoms.

In spite of all this, drug addicts crave drugs, resulting in the life of a drug addict being determined by their drug addiction. Most addicts find they need professional help to quit doing drugs.

Drug Addict Symptoms

Drug addicts were once drug users, like many people. Like many young people, addicts frequently start experimenting with drugs in adolescence (read about teenage drug abuse). Drug addicts, however, cross a boundary between drug use and drug addiction. Sometimes, this is because addicts find they need to escape from the painful circumstances of their lives. Other times, they find their drug use spiraled out of control without them even noticing. Either way, the lives of drug addicts are ruled by drug addict symptoms. (read: what causes drug addiction)

The most profound drug addict symptoms stem from the fact that addicts choose drug use over all else. This single fact explains a large part of the life of a drug addict. Drug addicts quit participating in sports, hobbies and interests in favor of spending all their time seeking and using drugs. No longer caring about friends or family, drug addicts typically only associate with others involved in drug use. Addicts may choose drug use over employment, school, and other responsibilities.

Additional drug addict symptoms include:

  • Unexplained expenses, always requiring more money
  • Lying, secretive behavior, hiding drug use
  • Risky behavior putting the safety of drug addict and others in jeopardy
  • Continually consuming more of the drug, consuming multiple drugs, switching to "harder" drugs
  • Drug use required for everyday functioning
  • Drug use no longer makes the drug addict feel "good" it now only makes them feel "normal" and avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • Knowledge that drug use is hurting yourself or others but you cannot or will not stop
  • Failed attempts at sobriety

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Life of Drug Addicts

The life of drug addicts is governed by the drug addict's obsession to use drugs. This obsession often leads the addict to unemployment, poverty and homelessness. Once in this state, they often turn to crime to finance or obtain their drugs. Thanks to overdose and committed crimes, the life of a drug addict is often spent in and out of medical facilities and prisons. Drug addicts also tend to have other chronic health problems, like breathing problems and infections.

The life of a drug addict tends to spiral downward until the severe drug addict symptoms cause the addict to hit "rock bottom." Rock bottom is when the addict's life has gotten so bad, they don't feel it can get any worse. Often, it is only at this time that drug addicts seriously consider getting treatment for their drug addictions.

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