What Makes the Internet Addictive?

Find out what makes the Internet so addictive to some that they become Internet addicts.

The Internet itself is a term which represents different types of functions that are accessible on-line. Generally speaking, Internet Addicts tend to form an emotional attachment to the on-line friends and activities they create inside their computer screens. They enjoy those aspects of the Internet which allowed them to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas with new people through highly interactive Internet applications (such as chatting, playing on-line games, or being involved with social networks). These virtual communities create a vehicle to escape from reality and seek out a means to fulfill an unmet emotional and psychological need.

Caught in the Net, the first and only recovery book on Internet addiction to help rebuild your relationshipOn the Internet, you can conceal your real name, age, occupation, appearance, and your physical responses to anyone or anything you encounter on-line. Internet users, especially those who are lonely and insecure in real-life situations, take that freedom and quickly pour out their strongest feelings, darkest secrets, and deepest desires. This leads to the illusion of intimacy, but when reality underscores the severe limitations of relying on a faceless community for the love and caring that can only come from actual people, Internet addicts experience very real disappointment and pain.

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