How to Stop Internet Misuse at College

Walk by any college computer lab or dorm late at night and you will see hundreds of students frantically typing away on their computer terminals - but instead of school research and paper-writing, they're most likely spending several hours every night slaying monsters at gaming sites or chatting aimlessly with Internet pals hundreds of miles or even continents away. College counselors are starting to see those students who can't stop surfing the Internet at the risk of jeopardizing their grades. Caught in the Net, the first and only recovery book on Internet addiction to help rebuild your relationshipAnd administrators fear the rise of attrition rates due to Internet misuse on campus.

Caught in the Net reveals how the combination of unstructured, free, and unlimited Internet use breed college communities of severe addicts, who are just beginning to awaken to the seriousness of plummeting grades and ruined social lives. Case studies, observations, and suggestions for a new outlook on the Internet in our universities serve as a wake-up call to students, faculty, parents, and counselors.

Dr. Young tours nationally on college campuses. Please contact us to arrange a College Lecture that will enlighten students, faculty, administrators, and college counselors. Click here to order Caught in the Net

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