The History of the Mint Green Ribbon

Stop Abuse. Join My Mint Green Ribbon Campaign

The history of the Mint Green Ribbon is very simple.

I was abused, neglected, abandoned, etc... as a child. In January 1995, I established the Mint Green Ribbon for the Awareness of Abuse. I saw everyone walking around me with ribbons of a different color, most predominant the red ribbon for AIDS awareness. I thought, why is it that abuse survivors/victims don't have a showing of support like this??? So I had to choose a color.

After researching all the different colored ribbons out there, I chose mint green. Pink (often for baby girls) was associated with breast cancer and blue (boys) is associated with freedom of speech, school violence, etc. Since mint green wasn't taken, I thought it was perfect. It involves boys and girls, no sex in particular, representing us all as one.

This page is your one-stop resource for the materials needed to start spreading the Mint Green Ribbon for the Awareness of Abuse campaign in your area. I can send you a mint green ribbon or you can make your own to proudly display. Please urge others to wear a mint green ribbon to indicate they are a survivor of abuse or to show their support for abuse awareness.

Here's how you can start your own Mint Ribbon Campaign

How can I help bring about awareness and spread the word that abuse is wrong?

  • Make and distribute Mint Green Ribbons!
  • Put a ribbon on your website (right click the ribbon image at the top of the page, select "save image as") and explain the meaning behind it.
  • Wear a Mint Green Ribbon to show your support for the children of this country and abroad!
  • Tie a ribbon to your antenna!
  • Tie a Mint Green Ribbon around your tree!
  • When people ask what the Mint Green Ribbon is for, explain to them that it stands for the Awareness of Abuse, to stop abuse!
  • Pass around this flyer explaining the campaign.
  • Direct people to the website
  • Start your own manual petition. The top should say, "Mint Green Ribbon Campaign for the Awareness of Abuse"!
  • Raise donations for children's homes c/o the Mint Green Ribbon!
  • Ask local businesses to put up flyers or hand out extra ribbons!
  • Write to your local, state, and federal officials!


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Our children are our future, but their well-being in our society continues to decline. The health and safety of our children is everyone's responsibility. Please help to ensure healthy, safe children and families in our community by taking action as an individual, group, or business."

There is nothing I can do about my past childhood suffering, the only thing I can do is help those who are now in need of help. My past is not as important. It's what I do for the children of today that matters, so they can become better adults.

We all must work together to help each one in our community. Miracles happen when we work at it. It's not given away freely.

Holli Marshall


©Mint Green Ribbon for the Awareness of Abuse, Inc. and A.B.U.S.E. statement by Holli Marshall

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